Nadia Berkelmann

Nadia is fairly recent to the MKD team, joining in December 2019. Nadia’s indispensable skill set was acquired hands-on, she was not only taught by an accountant but also had her own business in Johannesburg for 12 years. After taking a break to look after family, she is looking forward to growing in MKD, which she feels passionate about. It was love at first sight, and now Nadia speaks highly of the family atmosphere and how nice it is to be part of a more intimate firm. Being a part of Stuart’s team has re-invigorated her desire to work, and Nadia feels that in the industry he really stands out as being a people’s person who actually cares.

Nadia has three grown children. She lives with her mother, her nephew and her cat, Pearly, in Rondebosch East. Nadia enjoys walks in the area where they live, swimming (a real water baby!), baking, reading about true life events, and watching comedy or drama movies. Nadia is looking forward to a post-covid world and the company’s projected growth, with happy clients – which are her ideal clients.